we come to you around one week postpartum. we sit, hangout, laugh, and talk about your beautiful birth. we will recap your birth and connect you with any postpartum resources that you need!



we come to your birth of course!
we not only support you, love you, and advocate for you - we guide your partner to be a confident in supporting you as well!

your birth


we provide two comprehensive prenatal visits at your home during weeks 35 and 37 of pregnancy. these visits include tons of childbirth education, birth prep, birth planning, and hands on learning!

two prenatal visits


from the moment we are hired, we are committed to walking this journey with you. we aren't the doulas who just show up to your birth, we support you throughout and after.

your 24/7 resource


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- a free initial zoom consult
- 24/7 support from the moment hired via call and text
‚Äč- two comprehensive prenatal visits
- birth vision / plan creation
-continuous active labor support - at home, at a birth center, in hospital, ect.
- cesarean birth support
- amateur photography and videography of your labor / birth
- postpartum support including the initiation of breastfeeding (if that's what you desire!)
- one postpartum visit, we come to you in your home!
- comprehensive pregnancy guides specific to each trimester created by me
- natural labor induction guide, hospital packing guide, labor position guide, stages of labor guide, partner cheat sheet guide, and more!
- opportunity to share your birth story on my podcast

what's included

** we are able to accept HSA / FSA

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we are

+ evidence based doulas
+ registered nurses
+ with 2+ years of labor and delivery experience
+ fully vaccinated
+ Novant Health Credentialed 
+ educated on + studied spinning babies, breech basics, shoulder dystocia resolution, lactation assistance, and more.

decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

hiring a doula


decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief;.


increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth


decrease in the risk of a cesarean section


"Continuous support during labour may improve outcomes for women and infants, including increased spontaneous vaginal birth, shorter duration of labour, and decreased caesarean birth, instrumental vaginal birth, use of any analgesia, use of regional analgesia, low five-minute Apgar score and negative feelings about childbirth experiences."


let's have the

you want

According to a Cochrane Study

"Labor support also increases satisfaction and the chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth. Continuous support may also shorten labor and decrease the use of Pitocin. Although continuous support can also be offered by birth partners, midwives, nurses, or even some physicians, research has shown that with some outcomes, doulas have a stronger effect than other types of support persons. As such, doulas should be viewed by both parents and providers as a valuable, evidence-based member of the birth care team."

According to Evidence Based Birth

According to NCBI Research

"The results show that expectant mothers matched with a doula had better birth outcomes than did mothers who gave birth without involvement of a doula. Doula-assisted mothers were four times less likely to have a LBW baby, two times less likely to experience a birth complication involving themselves or their baby, and significantly more likely to initiate breastfeeding."