As your doula our role is to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and into postpartum! We are Certified Birth Doulas and Novant Health Credentialed Doulas serving Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our goal is for you to have the birth YOU want, no matter what that looks like. We are on your team and in your corner mama.


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we are a team of certified birth doulas serving the Charlotte and surrounding areas!

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We are a certified birth doulas and labor & delivery nurses in Charlotte, NC. We offer you holistic yet evidence based birth support in Charlotte and surrounding areas! We wanna walk this journey with you! It truly takes a village, so let us be a part of yours! It is our passion to empower YOU to have the birth YOU desire. We truly believe that birth is beautiful, not scary, education is power, and having the right team in your corner is key. 

Your Birth Doulas Charlotte, NC 

"Perhaps You Were Created For Such A Time As This."


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